• Excel Based Applications

    Excel Based Applications

    A Powerful Tool For Analysis and Presentation

    Excel is a far more powerful development platform than most people realize. By making use of its built in functions and powerful programming language we can quickly and affordably develop programs that act like standalone custom applications.

  • Easy to Use Software

    Easy to Use Software

    Spreadsheets Done Right

    Bad spreadsheets are everywhere - you've probably had to use some yourself. A poorly designed spreadsheet is difficult to maintain and subject to errors. But it doesn't have to be like this. If designed and built correctly, a spreadsheet can be powerful, accurate and easy to maintain - all while keeping the familiar excel interface.

  • Derivatives Experience

    Derivatives Experience

    Futures, Options, and Over-the-Counter

    Over the years we have developed many tools for participants in the derivatives markets. This means we can start working right away - you won't have to spend time explaining to us how futures markets work or what the option greeks mean.

Tools for Your Clients

Many of our clients want tools for their clients to use. This may be a quick and effective way of presenting data and results from one company to anot

Price Risk

We have helped develop a number of tools used by agricultural companies. Most recently this included a program to calculate coverage levels for livest

About Us

Hidden Logic is owned and operated by David Sauder. He obtained an MSc in Agricultural Economics from the University of Saskatchewan in 1990. Since th

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